Waterbag Shuffles

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Waterbag Shuffles

Thought Process:

Shuffles are a great athletic variation we like to use to warm up the body to swing or throw. They can be done with a waterbag or waterball. While you can use just one shuffle, we like to often use two because of the positions guys get into on the second shuffle.

Movement Prescription:

Great for players who don’t stay centered when they move forward (get stuck on their backside, lunge, etc.), can’t get to their front side, get too robotic with their drill work, and open up too soon.


Keep nose over nuts, be athletic, stay sideways, throw your punch from deep, turn in your phone booth, stop on a dime, pull the bag back after you turn (decel move), match planes (rotate from the posture in which you’re preparing for).

Common Compensations:

Leaking open, folding instead of rotating, lunging, stacking, turning with the arms instead of the trunk, over rotating with lower half, being too robotic. 

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