Down ups

Waterbag Rotations

Waterbag Down Ups

Thought Process:

Start with one foot on either elevated surface.

Step off of the elevated surface onto the ground and back up onto the surface as quickly as you can with your lead leg. 

As soon as you land with your lead leg again rotate as quickly as you can to close the gap of separation between the back shoulder and the lead hip. 

Movement Prescription:

Players who do not get stable, stop well, rotate well or are not coordinated at accepting/transmitting force well. Players who try to fold their chest, take their chest to their knee to finish their pitch, dont get firm against their lead hip into landing, jump off the mound or don’t stay in their telephone booth when they rotate. 


Start stop quick 

Land then rotate 

Pull it back fast 

Crack the whip 

Keep your head still 

Nose over nuts 

Stay back 

Common Compensations:

Rotating before landing

Trying to do continuous reps instead of a brief pause between reps 

Using their arms to rotate instead of their torso/middle 

Rotating in posture like a hitter instead of a pitcher/thrower 

Not finishing the rotation 

Not pulling back the energy fast enough to crack the whip and make the water slosh

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