Water Ball Turn & Catch



Water Ball Turn & Catch​

Thought Process:

We use this drill most often to work on bracing and moving from the middle. Starting in the athletes stance, have them slowly turn and meet the ball at the front of the plate. Throw the ball and have the player brace the imbalanced implement. After the athlete successfully braces the ball have them finish the turn, back-chain, and then throw the ball back to you. It helps when they keep their hands on the outside of the ball so that they don’t push the ball, but throw the ball.

Movement Prescription:

Athletes who struggle with bracing at impact, pulling off the ball, hyperactive lower halves, moving from their middle


Stick it, cheat the turn, brace the ball, be a brick wall, chest and head over the plate

Common Compensations:

Waiting to catch the ball rather than catching the ball during rotation, over rotating while throwing the ball back to a partner, coming out of posture/side bend.

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