Water Ball Stops

Decel Moves & Sticks

Water Ball Stops

Thought Process:

We use this drill to help hitter’s decelerate and help provide direction to their swing. We use water balls to encourage co-contraction across the system. As an athlete develops a stronger deceleration pattern they can work up to heavier balls to increase the complexity of the movement. The goal of this drill is similar to our β€˜Stop Swing to CF’ as we want to finish with our arms directed towards the CF.

Movement Prescription:

This is a good drill to use in order to challenge a hitter’s ability to sequentially decelerate segments of the body, and help with direction/efficiency. Additionally, this drill can be used as a performance tool to holistically train strength throughout the deceleration pattern.


Swing and stop, get punched in the stomach at contact, stay anchored, stick it.

Common Compensations:

Losing the anchor, late stops, pushing the ball instead of rotating the ball, loss of balance.

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