Trout Finish

Decel Moves & Sticks

Trout Finish

Thought Process:

We use this drill with our athletes to help them feel and understand how the kickback move provides them direction. The targets provide the athletes with an external goal and provides clear feedback. We like to have the athlete toss the ball to themselves as they step in and land in an athletic position; This helps muscle recruitment and may allow the body to identify the movement with something other than a baseball swing, which can be very useful. The Med Ball allows the athlete to mimic some of the key aspects of hitting in regards to force production, direction, recruitment, and sequencing.

Movement Prescription:

Players that have issues with direction, creating force to all fields, decelerating their lower half, hand or arm dominant movement.


Be athletic, throw the ball, don’t push it, step in like you are going to juke a defender, stay low to the ground.

Common Compensations:

Pushing or guiding the ball, lower intent level, hip slide, over rotating, hyperactive lower half.

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