The Sock

Arm Patterning

The Sock

Thought Process:

Great way to play catch without a partner or space. Allows athletes to get loose while also training the decelerators of the back of the shoulder. It makes athletes feel better. Auditory feedback of the ball hitting the end of the sock if the arm captures energy and works away efficiently. The weight encourages connection.

Movement Prescription:

Athletes that do not capture energy up the chain. Athletes that force their arm away from them instead of allowing it happen as the result of efficient sequence. Athletes with recovery issues. It can also be used on recovery days as lower effort throws when there is some soreness. If the schedule or environment makes it impossible to throw.


Make the sock pop loud. Any arm action cueing that the athlete needs.

Common Compensations:

Throwing the ball down, into the ground. Cutting off the arm action early, typically will muffle the pop.

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