Stop Swing to CF

Decel Moves and Sticks

Stop Swing to CF

Thought Process:

We use this drill to help hitter’s decelerate and help provide direction to the barrel. We often make slight variations to the drill to accomplish the movement. Some of these variations include choking up on the bat and swinging with less effort level. As an athlete develops a stronger deceleration pattern they can work back down the bat or swing with a higher effort level to increase the complexity of the movement. The goal is to deliver the barrel at contact, with the result being well hit line drives with true flight.

Movement Prescription:

This is a good drill to use in order to challenge a hitter’s barrel direction and efficiency of their turn. If the hitter is delivering the barrel pull side, or slicing the ball oppo, this drill will encourage better direction towards the middle of the field. Additionally, we prescribe these drills to players that have barrel release issues.


Turn to stop, don’t push to stop, stay anchored, don’t guide the barrel, release the barrel, get punched in the stomach at contact, flex at contact.

Common Compensations:

When doing this drill for the first time, most hitters will find it difficult to keep their finishes under control. Athlete’s may lose their anchor, try to “muscle up” to stop when trying to compensate for their lack of proper positioning, stop too soon, stop too late.

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