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How the arm needs to work

Losing the back leg

Thinking long term

Get to a point of understanding

Thinking long term

Get to a point of understanding

Plastic Bag metaphor for Fascia

How you interpret information

Plastic Bag metaphor for Fascia

Three Questions

Movement Work

Loud Feedback

Trevor Burmeister BTG20: Hip Shoulder Separation

Trevor Burmeister BTG20: Engine & Brakes

Remote Training Results – Ben

A-Rod & Einstein

Chris Colabello – Good Enough

Own Your Career

Decel Relates to All Three

Hinge First

Xen Penny – Closed Off Story

Creating Tension with Back Foot

Matching Three-Headed Monster

Getting Creative Within Framework

Why We Don’t Throw “Over the Top”

Arm Slot & Pulling Out Slack

Don Wakamatsu – Learning from Ichiro

Energy Doesn’t Come From Ground

Fred Corral – The biggest thing I’ve learned as a coach

Fred Corral – Simplicity

Everyone in Cross-Body

Optimal Time to Throw Punch

The Role of Drills

Game Swings vs. Practice Swings

Arm Recoil: Why it Works

Hitting tips with Jerry Weinstein

Hitting Tips with Jerry Weinstein Part 2

Chi Drill

Lantz Wheeler – The Drill isn’t the Answer

Lantz Wheeler – Interpretation trumps Information

Lantz Wheeler – Creek Story

Zach Dechant – Robust & Transfer

Zach Dechant – Mobility Myth Part 1

Zach Dechant – Mobility Myth Part 2

Zach Dechant – Role of CNS in Skill Acquisition

Zach Dechant – Everything is Stress

Ben Brewster – Hybrid Understanding

Ben Brewster – Making movement changes

Ben Brewster – Lead Hip Internal Rotation

Ben Brewster – Back foot doesn’t cross front foot

Pitching Zoom: Part 1
April 26

Getting around the front side

Find something to believe in

Greg Rose – Closing the Gaps

Pelvis tipping

Starting on Common Ground

Plyo ball catch play

Ben Brewster – Small changes are big changes

Zach Dechant – Toothpaste

Versa Pulley – Separation

Ricky Santiago – Communication is Connection

Greg Rose – Maximize SSC

Darin Everson – Shoes Off

Flat Feet

Ken Crenshaw – Compensations

Jerry Weinstein – Timing

Emily Ferree – End range measured

Brent Strom – Learning from Sandy Koufax

Dave Bush – Setting up a new pitch for success

Greg Rose – Leverage Arsenal

Ricky Santiago – Mattress Work

Fred Corral – Pitching by Numbers vs. Strengths

Tyler White – Where is the tension coming from?

Sequencing vs. Efficiency

Anchoring in the Air

Capturing the Trunk

Directional Energy

Vasquez punch the catcher

Loose movers

Pulling out slack

Throw arm with back hip

Stable front foot

Emily Ferree – Get to mid foot

Emily Ferree – Relationship between sensory & motor output

Greg Rose – Averages & Evidence Based

Jerry Weinstein – Taking Risks

Smoltz vs. Vasquez

Emily Ferree – One moment in time

Andy McKay – Ground Zero of Data

Don Wakamatsu – Coach the Human

Dan Pfaff – Big Three

Ben Hagar – Hook the Rubber

Kevin Davidson – Using data the right way

Kevin Davidson – The human element is data

Slack Lines – Sevy vs. Chapman

Randy Sullivan – Real vs. False Rotation

Dan Pfaff – Deceleration

Jerry Weinstein – Coaching Elites

It’s not about passive ranges

Front foot strike and throwing your punch

What if you got to know your players

Finishing low

Dan Pfaff – ECM System

Finding the One

Scap sits on the Rib Cage

Energy from Center

Lighter Implements

Decel to Create Backspin

Mike Trout – Efficiency & Consistency

Return to Throwing after Injury

Rotating vs. Folding

Creating Tension with Back Foot

I need you to stop

Experimenting with Lower Slot

Hitting Tips from Ted Williams, Mark Aaron and Sadaharu Oh

Fielding Tips with Eugene and Fred Corral

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