Shuffle Swings

Move from the Middle

Back Toes Up w/Implement Swing

Thought Process:

A great dynamic swing variation for hitters who become too robotic with their patterns during training. Can be done off the tee or off of flips. While most people commonly use one shuffle, we like to use two.

Movement Prescription:

Hitters who become too robotic, stack on their backside, struggle to stay centered, and can’t get to their front side early enough.


Anything to encourage athleticism (e.g. go get the ball, be athletic, nose over nuts, stay sideways, click heels). You don’t need a ton of cueing to make this one work. The design of the drill should create the right moves. 

Common Compensations:

Stacking, not getting the ball out in front/getting it too deep, trying to be perfect with drill instead of just being athletic.

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