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Water filled training aids play an integral role in how we train athletes at 108 Performance because of their unique constraint. At any point in time, water is going to be shifting and moving in unpredictable patterns throughout the bag or ball. The unpredictability of these patterns creates transferable training adaptations with a minuscule amount of external loading (very seldom do we put more than 15 lbs. of water into each). 

The key to water filled devices is how our body reacts to them. Throughout the K2K package, we have designed a number of specific exercises that mimic patterns we see from elite pitchers and hitters. If we want our training to transfer, it must have a certain degree of specificity. Because of the flexibility of water filled products, we’re able to re-create specific positions from the swing or throw and add external loading using water resistance. The system we need to throw 95 mph is much different than the system needed to deadlift 500 lbs. If our training doesn’t target the things we need the most, we won’t get the most out of our training. 

If you’re working with hitters or throwers that move to and through unstable positions, water filled implements are going to become your best friend. When our body tries to fight unstable loads using unstable patterns, we’re left with two choices: 1) Find stability, or 2) Get pulled off your feet. Our body is really good at protecting itself. As a result, we’re going to find stability more often than we don’t. This is where movement changes happen. If efficiency is about doing the most with the least, we have to start in positions where we can do the most. Training with water helps us find these. 

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Purchase includes:

  • One ball with handles
  • One pump
  • Access to a series of instructional videos designed to teach you what each product is for, how to use it, how to coach up specific drills, and how to blend each to create the most amount of transfer.

16” in diameter, can hold up to 30 lbs. of water. We recommend filling up 10-15 lbs.

The Performance Playbook is available under the 108 Results System tab after you create an account and complete your purchase!

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