Med Ball Forward Move

Forward Move

Med Ball Forward Move

Thought Process:

The primary goal of the med ball forward move is to blend the athletic movement of throwing a med ball with the baseball swing. More specifically this drill will promote athletes to control their center of mass, or their middle, to move in between the anchors. The focus is to move forward, while eliminating significant negative movement of the back hip over the back foot. The athlete starts in an athletic stance, simulating his or her setup in the box while holding the med ball in front of the body with good posture. The athlete will then use the glutes to move forward into the launch position. Moving forward, the athlete should land in a balanced-50/50 position as the med ball is loaded back passively. A passive upper half load of the med ball means the ball moves back because the lower half loads and moves forward, not the opposite. (Can be used as a prep work for Med Ball Reciprocal Toss*)

Movement Prescription:

This drill can be used to focus on the lower half creating forward progress to the ball under control. The med ball can be used as feedback to signify an efficient lower half load, or an inefficient upper body compensation in order to load. The med ball forward move can be used to help limit an inefficient forward move that loads the back hip too far back over the foot.


Load and move through the glutes, load forward, load anchor to anchor, just carry the med ball.

Common Compensations:

Similar to most inefficient forward moves, we will generally tend to see a hip shift or players getting stuck on their backside rather than rotation. Furthermore, the rotation of the middle should be executed with a focus of maintaining both back and front side anchors.

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