108 Performance

Takeaways & Nuggets


Be a student of the game

Reciprocal Movement

Side Bend

Get the barrel square

Lower Half: Hitting

See how high your elbow is?

Is this a good position to punch from?

It’s like a peg

It sinks and folds

“Get your hands back”

The best make it look…

Pitch Counts

Differences in Coaches

OKC Cages: Pitching Foundations (full convo)

Change the way you throw

Mom’s Meatloaf

Lower Back Lean

Four Corners

If I want to throw a punch

Training is like a Marriage

Don’t let the Environment

UTA Wrap Up Talk

Pull it back faster

How do you walk?

Look at your Shoelaces

“Step Across” Move

Stay Inside unlock

Barrel Swivel

Open vs. Closed swings

Bracing demo

Eval Tee & Machine swings

Way better without a bat

Get across this hip forward

Rubber Bands

Interpreting Cues

Barrel gets stuck behind body

Why is my arm late?

Tear down the House

Timing of Force with Back Leg

Punch Demo

Recoil Tips

I’m Listening to You

Max Effort Throwing

Head Movers

Holding the Hinge

Foot & Hip Co-contraction

Getting the Arm Up

Arm Should Feel Like Nothing


Tips for Recruiting Emails & Video

Arm Needs Time & Space

Ask the Difficult Questions

High Intent Throws

Putting your Eggs in the Right Basket

Recruiting “Big Rocks”

Find the Best Fit


Recruiting Tips: 50 Schools

Do Your Research

Landing Positions

Put Force into Ground

Connecting Rotation

Sitting on the Back Hip

Roadmap Analogy

Reciprocal Movement

Get Connected

Hitting Example

Donaldson vs. Trout

Fascia Analogy

Arm Path

Capturing Energy

Staying Back

Offspeed Pitches

All Ideas are Good

Staying Inside the Ball

Creating the Movement

Blending Movement Work

Everything is Reciprocal

Driving Out of the Ground

Closing Off

Everything Starts with Movement

All Players Must Get Across & Work Reciprocally

Hip Shoulder Separation

Listen to Your Body

It’s Not About Bat Speed

Movement First

J Band Drill idea

When You Need Tension

Goal of Overload/Underload Training

Strike from the Middle

Turn from Middle, Get Across

Auger Metaphor for GRF

Rotation Must Match Translation

Big Rocks

Rotation Must Match Translation

Favorite Feels

Improving Feedback – Make it Loud!

Movement Analysis: Rear Hip underneath Front Hip

Kershaw and Greinke Breakdowns

Trandelenburg Gait

Stomp with Lead Leg

Hip and Shoulder Angle Mismatch

Catcher Throws

Foot Plant from Above

Hinge First

Give Yourself Credit

Getting Creative

Solving Puzzles

Teach a Man to Fish

Start with Why

Advantages of Remote Training

Stress & Workload

Journey is the Reward

Pelvis opens, Arm gets stuck

We’re Responsible for the Energy

Find the Question

Relationship with Coach vs. Parent

Benefits of Pool Work

Get to a Point of Understanding

Stuck on backside

Cracking whip analogy

Landing closer to even

Joint Centration

Can you go faster than you can stop?

Elbow path injured athletes

Energy doesn’t come from ground

Don’t treat the site

Quarantine Results

Chase Feelings

Benefits to Bench Press

High Pelvic Rotational Speeds

Reverse Engineer the Skill

Cross-body, Directional Energy

Being a Generalist

Tips for Video Analysis

Error is in the model

How to find truth

Forgetting how to play the game

Why mattress training works

Arm slot and pulling out slack

Make it Natural

Chi Drill

Too much stretch too soon

Get to the front side

Biotensegrity Misconceptions

No Stopping

Pick up front leg with back

Velocity Depression

Throwing on the Mound more

Finishing Pitch & Staying Back

Over Striding

Adapt the drill to the player

It’s not usually a mobility problem


Outside of 90

Speak their Language



Why the Recoil Works

Speak their Language

How the Arm Needs to Work

Twitter Group Zoom Full Convo

Tighter Springs

Inverted W

Structuring Catch Play

Dealing with Multiple Coaches

Role of Coach

Will & Parks full convo May 24

Twitter Zoom full May 23