Foam Roller Wall Slides

Arm Care – Pre Throwing

Foam Roller Wall Slides

Thought Process:

Staggered feet, pelvis tucked, ribcage down, core flexed, chin tucked. Karate chopping hands pressing into the foam roller on the way up and down. Get to full extension breathing in through your nose on the way down and out your mouth as you go up. 

Movement Prescription:

weak scaps, weak serratus anterior, pushy arm, locked up shoulder, flared ribcage, tight traps, tight neck, tight lower back, extreme anterior pelvic tilt or poor ability to get into posterior pelvic tilt into release of the baseball


Press your hands into the foam roller the entire time, get as tall as you can, keep core and glutes flexed, reach for the sky

Common Compensations:

Pushing with deltoids/shoulders/traps instead of keeping ribcage big and round pressing away from the wall. Folding the chest forward as you slide your hands up the wall, arching the lower back

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