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  • Key Movement Indicators (KMI’s) that let you quickly pinpoint the true underlying cause of almost any detrimental hitting symptoms (With these KMI’s,  never again will you be in doubt about what to do to help your players! You’ll also be able to quickly identify “energy leaks” that are preventing your athlete from achieving optimal results.)
  • Why data isn’t the “end all, be all” and can actually send us chasing after the wrong thing! (Data and technology must be taken with a grain of salt… coaches of the future are going to have a really good understanding of a multi-disciplinary perspective and take things from a broad 10,000-ft view.)
  • Why coaches MUST understand basic biomechanics to improve performance and minimize injury! (And how new school “integrated” approaches can easily inform our choices when it comes to helping our players.)
  • The pattern all of the greatest hitters throughout history all have in common (See video of Ernie Banks, Miguel Cabrera, Hank Aaron, Mike Trout, Stanton, Ripken, Kris Bryant – the list goes on.  Here’s how to “program” your hitters with these Hall of Fame swing mechanics.)
  • The simple understanding that will change your life and makes everything you do as a coach that much easier!  (As soon as you fully grasp THIS, you’ll be miles ahead when it comes to addressing the actual cause vs. the symptoms of any swing or arm issues in your players)
  • The biggest – and maybe most common – mistake many coaches make that is destroying their players ability to hit and produce in games when it counts (and the surprising stat MLB clubs swear by to ensure you never make the same mistake!)
  • The one and only, proven, effective way to produce more force using less speed (Benefit #2: With less speed, you can also have more accuracy and adaptability!)
  • How even statements that are inaccurate can help hitters produce the right result (e.g. “Let the pitcher do the work… We know from science that how hard the pitcher throws is not responsible for the exit velocity but sometimes this thought helps hitter stay tight and be shorter to the ball.)
  • Feel vs. Real: Why A-Rod was actually RIGHT when he said his barrel was above his hands! (This is one of the best lessons I can drive home for you. He had so much proprioceptive feel that he knew what he needed to do despite any evidence to the contrary! Don’t miss this.)
  • The 5 things that determine what the degree of posture should be for any hitter (This is how hitters can drive balls in different parts of the zone and still be successful)
  • How to get your hitter to take better swings by telling him to do the opposite of what you want him to do!
  • 5 still shots of big leaguers hitting home runs at the point of front foot stride (What the best hitters do that lets them generate more power and better adjust to off speed pitches)
  • 4 side-view still shots of big leaguers hitting home runs at the point of front foot stride  (and the #1 thing these all have in common… PLUS: how to reproduce this effect with your players!)
  • A simple, 3-second “trick” that once caused 12 of our athletes to PR in two days! (Trust me, I know how crazy that sounds! But it’s 100% true. It won’t happen like this every time, but when you understand the main principles of movement, and you’re willing to test different “cues” with your players, this is what CAN happen!)
  • “So simple even a kindergartener can do it.” (We show you real footage of a 4-year-old swinging a bat and how it relates to proper biomechanics in your player’s swing… proving the patterning we need is natural and very instinctive but often gets coached out of our players!)
  • and much, much more…