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A comprehensive analysis that bridges the gap between human anatomy, movement patterns, force production, biomechanics, efficiency, data interpretation/application, and more.


A holistic approach to velocity development, arm care, movement patterns, workload management, pitch design, assessments, data interpretation/application, and more.

“The guys at 108 Performance are the most forward-thinking you’ll find when it comes to developing baseball athletes. Their knowledge of how and why the body operates as it does in a given skill is second to none. Whether on the mound or in the box their approach to development revolves around finding what works for each individual.”
Zach Dechant
Zach DechantAssistant Director of Strength and Conditioning, TCU Baseball
“I’ve trained at 108 for 2 years now and the reason I go back is because of their knowledge and ability to teach it, it’s hard to find a staff that is constantly learning and researching in order to help their players.”
Brandon Dixon
Brandon DixonDetroit Tigers
“108 and Coach Eugene Bleecker epitomize what training is all about — personalized to the athlete, cutting edge, detail oriented and full of passion to optimize each athlete’s success. From getting to know Eugene, it is clear that he oozes with dedication, determination and passion to not only make a difference in athletes’ careers, but in their lives.”
Alan Jaeger
Alan JaegerFounder, Jaeger Sports
“108 Performance is a great facility because of their constant pursuit of knowledge and the ability to communicate it. They are also on the cutting edge of technology and trying to find healthier and more efficient ways to train their athletes. One of the best facilities in the country.”
Scott Brown
Scott BrownAssociate Head Coach, Vanderbilt

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