Closed Feet

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Closed Feet

Thought Process:

The back foot remains anchored which is something athletes typically struggle to feel in a majority of their throws. Because the lower body is closed more than usual all rotation has to come from the pelvis instead of the back leg forcibly internally rotating. The lead leg is by nature blocked which allows athletes to feel getting into the lead hip. The pelvis stops quickly allowing for athletes to feel their trunk accelerate after the hips stop. The combination of improving sequence and deceleration allows for the arm to whip around the body instead of being drug through by the body.

Movement Prescription:

This is a building block for most throwers. It can be programmed specifically for athletes that over rotate or do not decelerate well in their delivery. Arm not capturing trunk. Too much slack in the upper body for arm to catch early.


Keep the back foot locked in the ground, allow your arm to work away from your head, keep your hips in place.

Common Compensations:

Pushing out of the ground, leaning out of the way, forcibly opening the hips.

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