Decel Moves & Sticks

Player Examples





Thought Process:

We use this drill to train our athletes deceleration/force acceptance, getting to the front side, and to encourage a proper barrel release. The hitter will use a slight weight shift from foot to foot prior to the pitch. Once the ball is tossed the player should get the entirety of their weight in to the front leg. As the hitter’s foot hits the ground they should think about jabbing the opposite direction. This drill will require co-contraction and stabilization of the front leg and hip.

Movement Prescription:

Athletes that struggle with bracing the front leg, releasing the barrel, direction, or struggle with getting to the front side.


Juke off your front leg, think about going the opposite direction, as soon as you hit the ground get back to your other leg, push the ball away from you.

Common Compensations:

Premature weight shift in to the front foot, lack of timing, collapsing front leg, hip shift.

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