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Revolutionary New Framework For Training Players That Is Merging Today’s “Data” With Traditional “Feel”

“For years I’ve been using sports science to change the way players train… Now you too can learn my state-of-the-art secrets… and quickly get up to speed on the latest player development research… without needing an advanced science degree!”


If you’d like to keep pace with the latest methods of developing players without being overwhelmed by the rapid growth of new information that is out there, then you’ll want to pay close attention to what I’m about to tell you.

My new book Old School vs. New School is filled with case studies and examples of how I’ve been merging the latest research and technologies with insights from the old school “feel” generation of baseball to create amazing transformations in elite level MLB, MiLB, and collegiate players. It’s packed to the brim with actionable strategies you can begin using today to help your players hit and throw harder while being less susceptible to injury.

Best of all, in a moment I’ll tell you how you can read it at no risk (even FREE, if you choose).  But first, here’s a sample of what you’ll find inside:

  • Breakthrough techniques for how to tap into the most powerful resources for human movement possible (This one chapter alone could forever change how you evaluate and train your players.) [Chapter 6] 
  • A simple exercise to get more velocity and command out of a pitcher without making any adjustments to the actual delivery! [Page 76]
  • Detailed reports on how we took a AAA player from hitting .261 to hitting .346 (and dramatically boosted his production at the plate) in just one season [Page 213]
  • The simple thought-process (we’ve taught to elite players) that can create more stability and more directional force production [Page 173] 
  • A sample evaluation on a professional pitcher [Chapter 13]
  • Why trying to do ‘too much’ is the kiss of death… and the secret techniques for “unlocking” tense movements (Players who are “muscling up” are leaking force all over the place… In this section, you’ll find easy solutions that can make all the difference.) [Page 94]
  • The single biggest mistake most strength and conditioning specialists make that hinders athletes in every sport (and is still considered “normal” by most) [Page 57]
  • What geometrical patterns and DNA reveal about the correct way to throw a baseball [Page 141] 
  • The secret “scissor move” that sends exit velocities soaring and consistency of hitting balls hard through the roof! [Page 73]
  • The biggest – and maybe most common – coaching mistake teams make when it comes to using new school research and data [Page 58]
  • Shocking new revelations about recoiling… how it results in throwing harder, healthier and more efficiently! [Page 159]
  • Why most of the problems we see in baseball players are created by either the coaches or by the players themselves [Page 71]
  • 3 reasons why more is not necessarily better when it comes to bat speed (This flies in the face of most conventional wisdom but is grounded in the extensive study of baseball’s most prolific hitters) [Page 166]
  • Why movement (that a player creates) and not body type (how their body is designed) is more likely to be the cause of injury [Page 58] 
  • What an accidental discovery by a 17th century mathematician can teach us about developing better players [Page 81] 
  • Why it’s extremely important to make sure your players are focused on the feelings and movements they are trying to create, not just the drills and the results [Page 114]
  • [Page 61] Learn how to use passive range of motion assessments to optimize movement and create better players… This is clear and straightforward advice that will instantly show you..

How to Transform Confusing Data into Actionable Steps to Identify Players’ Individual “Sweet Spots”!

This is no joke.

There’s currently an overwhelming amount of data and information to process. Most coaches have limited resources.  As a result, many are not educated on the data, the technology, and most importantly its application. Due to the rapid rate that data is continuing to flood the game of baseball, coaches, players and organizations are navigating the most dynamic and complex learning curve in the history of the game.

Yet the mind and body are connected.  None of this should be a reason to give up on subjective data we obtain directly from players themselves.

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Throughout the book, we’re going to present some topics in a new light that will build a small bridge between a gap that sometimes feels as wide as the Grand Canyon: new school “real” vs. old school “feel”.

Here are a few more of the secrets waiting inside:

  • You will learn about the incredible new science of “Biotensegrity” and how it helps smaller or weaker players hit or throw a ball harder than other more physically developed ones (almost no one, not even top professional coaches, know about this yet) [Page 89] 
  • The amazing true story of Bruce Lee’s famous one inch punch and the Karate principle of “kime”… how to use the ancient secrets of the world’s deadliest martial arts to help your hitters [Page 169]
  • A brand new framework for creating a training environment that systematically transfers movements that will show up at game time [Chapter 7] 
  • A secret YouTube channel you can use to create drills for better mind-body connection in your players [Page 125]
  • You will learn about the failures of current biomechanics research and the 300 year old unproven theory they use to understand human movement! (The most interesting part of this failure is that the research that can help “fill in the blanks” is already there and has been for quite some time) [Page 83]
  • The simple “shift” used by the game’s most exciting young pitchers to throw with better command and more velocity [Page 100]
  • The #1 biggest reason for the epidemic of arm injuries in baseball (Arm injuries have increased over 250% in the past 10 years during a time where player participation in Baseball has dropped 27%. UCL injuries have risen to what some would call epidemic proportions at 193% over a 10-year period.) [Chapter 9 — Page 147]
  • One weird revelation by a Russian neurophysiologist that explains why some players are doing everything right in the cage but getting beat by fastballs and can’t adjust to off-speed pitches in the game [Page 101]
  • The #1 job of coaches today (and the demystifying truth about how to influence the players of this generation who, unlike previous generations have grown up with and routinely use tools like smartphones that put the world at their fingertips) [Chapter 3] 
  • Why a player’s “feel” (i.e. A-Rod, who claims to swing “down” on the ball) is important and not something to discount [Page 124] 
  • Eye-opening photos of one of the greatest hitters in the history of Baseball crushing a home run and what it reveals for power at the plate (You’ll never be able to think of hitting the same way again once you see this!) [Page 167] 
  • The unusual but highly effective “trick” that lets your pitchers gain more velocity and control… while also reducing arm pain [Page 148] 
  • Weighted balls: useful tools or an injury waiting to happen? (The answer will probably surprise you… More often than not, these are applied incorrectly… Discover the unique way we’ve incorporated weighted balls to our protocols and what it’s doing for our players) [Chapter 10] 
  • The truth about mobility training and why injuries in baseball are at an all-time high… one thing missing from player development today that has nothing to do with the players [Page 251]… the weird mental shift that makes hitting easy [Page 240]… how to shorten your time to contact [Page 170]… the 4 most important stance variations to pay attention to [Page 241]… the #1 thing all great players have in common [Page 65]… the coaching trick that could be a game-changer for your hitters [Page 246]… 4 drills you can use to develop highly productive hitters (Chapter 8)… the 80-grade coach we should all strive to be [Page 249]… the major problem in baseball that makes it harder to fix player issues [Page 78] and much, much more!

That’s just a taste of what’s in…

So, here’s the deal:

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Also, if at any time – for the rest of your life – you don’t think this manual is one of the best books on baseball coaching you ever read… or that it won’t be one of your most trusted coaching resources for years to come… I’ll refund your investment 100%, no questions asked.  That’s right. I don’t care if it’s in ten years from now, either. Bottom Line: This book must give you complete certainty that it will help you help your players…

Or You Don’t Pay!

In that sense, you can gain access to my methods for free… if you choose.

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What Others Are Saying…

“As evidenced by this book, Eugene’s passion for player development and pursuit of truth is unparallelled. His findings and ideas are sure to spark thought, inspire change, and push traditional Baseball development to new heights.”
Shaun Larkin
Shaun LarkinCoordinator of Skill Development – Los Angeles Dodgers
“The topics Eugene covers in this book will undoubtedly spur your thinking and help you look at issues you or your players may be having through a different lens.
Baseball instruction and development has changed dramatically in the last few years. Eugene makes a great point that many of those changes are good but it doesn’t have to be new school vs old school.
One of my big takeaways is that finding what will help each individual player is a combination of new school AND old school. There are a lot of thoughts, cues and practices that have helped players succeed for years; Eugene does a great job of explaining how today’s technology may prove a cue is “wrong” but it can still be beneficial. I highly recommend you read this book and follow Eugene because by the time you read this book he will be on to something new!”
Dan Heefner
Dan HeefnerHead Baseball Coach – Dallas Baptist University
“From new school technology and research, to old school wisdom on how the Baseball swing feels, I haven’t found a book that covers both better than Eugene’s. This is a must read for any Baseball coach looking to find information to make their players better.”
Monte Lee
Monte LeeHead Baseball Coach – Clemson University
“What Eugene and the 108 Performance staff have put together in this book is worth its weight in gold in my opinion. Eugene is one of the most progressive minds you’ll find not only in the sport of Baseball, but in human performance training. His knowledge of motor skill development, his ability to view the human body as a complex organism, his power to see deeper on why athletes move the way they do is what sets him apart. I value Eugene as a trusted go to resource when I have questions. This manual will be the trusted resource for Baseball coaches everywhere.”
Zach Dechant
Zach DechantHead Strength Coach – TCU Baseball
“Old School vs. New School is going to make you think. In today’s data-driven world, Eugene brings a refreshing perspective from his pursuit of helping players and growing the game. This book will make you a better coach not just because of the information but also because it makes you reconsider everything you think you know.”
Bobby Tewksbary
Bobby TewksbaryMLB Hitting Consultant
“In Eugene’s new book Old School vs. New School, he reminds us that while science and data are important, they must always be viewed through the lens of a master teacher, and the thoughts and feels that drive individual elite performers. Old School vs New School is an enlightening investigation that represents one of the best blends of the art and science of baseball coaching I’ve ever encountered. Well Done Bleek!”
Randy Sullivan
Randy SullivanOwner – Florida Baseball Ranch
“I’m a huge fan of Eugene Bleecker as a person and thought leader in the game of Baseball. His forward thinking approach to development is rivaled by very few in the game. I’ve had a chance to review the book and I’ll tell you this. Be prepared to question everything you’ve ever heard, read, seen or said in regards to player development. If you’re serious about developing as a pitcher or learning more as a coach, or educating yourself as a parent on what it truly takes to develop players, this is the book for you.”
Lantz Wheeler
Lantz WheelerBaseball Think Tank – Core Velocity Belt
“Eugene’s unique ability to step outside the box and explore topics from a different vantage point is on full display in Old School vs. New School. You’ll be challenged to alter your lens, pause and reflect on your opinions; something that I believe is extremely valuable and worth your time as a reader. If you’re a coach, therapist, or on the strength side, I strongly encourage you to give this a read.”
Dr. Stephen Osterer
Dr. Stephen OstererOwner – Baseball Development Group
“Eugene is a hybrid of Yosemite Sam and a mad scientist if they both were in love with solving the deepest secrets in Baseball, his intensity and passion are unparalleled. This book is a refreshing change of pace for the Baseball Industry. You don’t have to agree with everything he says in this book, but what you must get out of it is the ability to open your mind to different ideas and think in ways that shake up your comfort zone. Too many books say the same thing, this one challenges perceived notions in every chapter.”
Tyler White
Tyler WhiteGestalt Performance

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