Banded Ankle Med Ball Toss

Kickback & Crossbody

Banded Ankle Med Ball Toss

Thought Process:

The goal of this drill is to allow the player to really feel what it’s like to actively get across their body with a dynamic move that is pulling slack in opposite directions. It makes moving across your body really simple. This drill that can be used early in the process because the degree of difficulty on execution isn’t that high. It can be done with a PVC pipe first to get the feel but after that, blending on the Tee and Toss is fairly easy.

Movement Prescription:

Athletes that over rotate and have poor decel patterns in their lower half benefit greatly from this drill. It can also help with posture, direction and barrel control. The drill can be blended into BP and off the machine. It works equally well for stiff and loose movers.


Allow yourself to take the step and focus on the hands, get tight in the middle, hit the ball at the end of your swing.

Common Compensations:

Shifting too much weight behind them, pulling off the ball, trying to rotate the hips.

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