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Before you go any further, ask yourself these three questions…

#1) Do you want to improve as a coach?

#2) Have you been trying to figure out how to incorporate new player development strategies into your program?

#3) Are you struggling to distinguish the good information from all the BS?

If you didn’t answer all three with an enthusiastic YES, DON’T BOTHER reading the rest of this page. Do us all a favor and pursue a new career.

We have spent years collaborating with some of the best minds in the game on a daily basis. If these guys ALL RESPOND YES to the questions above, you probably should also – don’t ya think?

Oh, and if you’re looking for a generic program that promises  you’ll add 69 MPH in 420 minutes, stop reading because you won’t find one in here.

You’re not going to get any “magic bullets” or “quick fixes” with us. 

Hard Work Gets Results.. Eyewash Programs Don’t!

No matter where you fit on the coaching spectrum, or how much you know (or don’t know), GROWTH IS IMPORTANT FOR all of us to continue to get RESULTS. 

Notice the five words I highlighted in that last sentence: GROWTH IS IMPORTANT FOR RESULTS. 

We tell our players how important this is, but for some reason it often eludes as as coaches. Maybe that’s because of the years we spent in the game, or maybe it’s the false bravado we put on because we think we are supposed to have all the answers. 

It doesn’t really matter how we got to this point, because this whole “ego” thing is going away… quickly! The best coaches learn constantly, love to do it, and coaches are finally being applauded for asking questions and seeking information.

This drastic change is happening because there are COACHES EVERYWHERE GETTING BETTER RESULTS THAN EVERYONE ELSE.


If you’ve read this far, that’s likely why you’re here also. You WANT to learn and you WANT to get better. That’s a smart move because if you don’t, you will get left behind.

Over the course of the last year, we have been working day and night to create a platform for players and coaches around the world to learn how to train and get results #THE108WAY.

That’s why we created…



Our mentorship program represents a lifetime of knowledge accumulated from the years and years we have spent in the trenches working with players. We’ve done it on the field, in the cage, in the lab, and at every level of the game from Little League to the MLB. 

We’ve put it all in one place for you, at the cost of a good metal bat. 

Would you rather spend your money on a piece of equipment you probably won’t use in three years, or would you rather invest it into information that MLB organizations have paid us thousands of dollars for?

We’ve had players banging down our doors to come train with us in Southern California for years, but now #The108Way Mentorship Program is making it possible to for coaches and players to access this information.. from anywhere!

We designed it all for you.

Jerry Weinstein Said This About The Mentorship Program 👇🏻

BaseballCloud CEO Kevin Davidson Said This About The Mentorship Program 👇🏻

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Here’s What’s Inside👇🏻

Old School vs New School E-Book
($49 Value!)

Dive into the revolutionary book that has been making waves throughout the baseball community! Check out how we’ve been able to merge the latest research and technologies with insights from the old school “feel” generation of baseball to create amazing transformations from elite level MLB, MiLB, and collegiate players. It’s packed to the brim with actionable strategies you can begin using today to help your players hit and throw harder while being less susceptible to injury.

The 108 Performance Level 1 Pitching & Hitting Courses
($999 Value!)

Take a deeper dive into concepts introduced in the book and learn about the fundamental truths we’ve discovered that explain all human movement. Learn how we’ve used these truths to build our foundation for what we believe in and what we think is important when it comes to training baseball athletes.

Access To Our Membership Platform: $99/month value & includes👇🏻

Exclusive Facebook Mentorship Community​

Get exclusive access to a community of coaches and players who are working every single day to find truth and get the best results! As part of the group, you have the ability to:

  • Ask any kind of training questions
  • Post film and have it broken down by one of our experts
  • Interact with others having the same problems as you
  • Hop on our exclusive mentorship Zoom calls

Hitting, Pitching & Movement Drills That We Use In House

Divided into hitting and pitching, get full access to over 165 different drill videos that are sorted by the KMIs introduced in our foundational courses.

Each video has:

  • Why we use the drill and who we use it for
  • How to execute it
  • Common flaws we see
  • A demo from one of our experts

Movement & Performance​

Our movement & performance section lays out the framework for:

  • Our purpose behind movement work and why we use it with players on a daily basis
  • How we use various implements to get guys moving to and through better positions
  • How we blend movement work and skill work to create transfer

Progressions & Regressions​

Get behind the scenes information that dives into our thoughts on:

  • Skill development
  • Why we think current motor learning research isn’t enough
  • The importance of knowing when to learn the pattern vs. challenging it
  • Why we’re all looking for our one in the many

This page also gives you the ability to check out specific examples of drill progressions and regressions we’ve used with athletes in the past to get them results. If you’re just starting to dive into the drill sections, this is a great page to go through so you understand how to start putting our principles in action!


Be a fly on the wall as you get inside access to the conversations from our shop that include:

  • Thoughts from our players and what they’re working 
  • How to look for certain movement deficiencies and how they impact the swing or throw
  • Examples of us working with players one-on-one
  • How our understanding of human movement is evolving as it relates to baseball

Live Takeaways & Social Media Nuggets​

108 Live Takaeaways & Nuggets

Our live takeaways section is filled with highlights from our social media channels and features recordings from our conversations with some of the best minds in the game that include:

  • Jerry Weinstein
  • Fred Corral
  • Lantz Wheeler
  • Brent Strom
  • Andy McKay
  • Zach Dechant
  • Dan Pfaff
  • Ben Brewster
  • Matt Swope
  • Bryan Peters
  • Greg Rose
  • Randy Sullivan
  • Emily Ferree
  • Bobby Tewksbary
  • Rick Strickland
  • Ken Crenshaw
  • Tyler White
  • C.J. Gillam
  • Kevin Davidson
  • Don Wakamatsu

Player Development Process​

Get inside access to how our players have been training in quarantine and why many of them have been getting the best results of their careers.

Also get access to how we were able to assess, on ramp, and train through Zoom with an MLB pitcher!

GIF Database​

Divided by movement category, get full access to our entire library of GIFs so you can train your eye to see good movement and share visuals with your players on what it should look like!

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Here’s what other’s are saying about the mentorship program!👇🏻

“The 108 Mentorship was an outstanding purchase for me. My whole career, coaches have told me platitudes like “stop pulling off the ball” and “keep your front shoulder in” when I have struggled. I have constantly searched for ways to remedy these issues with my swing. The concepts and thoughts taught by the 108 staff helped me to understand why these things were happening and what movements in my swing were creating issues. We then worked together on how to remedy these flaws in a very comprehensive, integrated and thorough way. This gave me the ability to not only understand what was happening with my swing, but also how I could properly adjust myself without the need of coaching. In other words, 108 gave me the ability to coach myself. The amount of time and energy that Will has put into helping me is really remarkable. I would highly recommend working with 108.” 

– David Langer, University of Connecticut Baseball

“When I started working with 108 Performance, I had shoulder problems that I had been dealing with for quite some time, along with frustrations about my performance on the field. I knew that I needed to make some serious changes if I wanted to get healthy and give myself the best chance to have success. 108 was at the top of my list and it truly has exceeded my expectations. My favorite part has been learning what other guys are doing to get better and getting new ideas from them. There’s so much great information being shared every week. Not only have I been pain free while throwing more than I ever have, I’ve never been more excited about what’s next in baseball with the movement changes and understanding of how to truly get better. This is all thanks for the staff at 108. The communication between the players and the staff and the genuine care they have for our careers is something that seems to be rarely found,  I have tried many other programs and I can honestly say they are one of the best, if not the best, at what they do.”

– Eli Siervert, University of Arkansas Little Rock

(OVER 70% OFF)

Join The 108 Way Player Development Program!


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